Natural Resources
Natural resources is relatively rich in Le'an County, ecological environment is superior. The territory of underground, the surface has proven resources are: Clay 6500000 tons, 1500000 tons of raw coal, 4000000 tons of limestone, 130000 tons, 400000000 cubic meters of fluorite granite, high grade and quartz stone, rare earth, lead zinc silver, crystal stone, copper, tungsten, tin, gold and high-quality natural mineral water. In a mild climate, belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate zone, with hills, the grass slope of 255000 acres, 150000 acres of water, 1190 species of plants resources, is one of the national commodity wood and bamboo base in the county of Jiangxi province and the key forestry county. The existing forest area of 2784000 mu, Mao Zhulin area of 254000 mu, bamboo reserves 22800000, annual production of 12000000 tons of bamboo shoots. Including the Southern China tigers, about 269 species of wild animal.
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