Geographical Position
Le'an county is located in central Jiangxi Province, southwest of Fuzhou City, Shaoxing county was founded in nineteen years (1149), has been 800 years of history. Eastern border with Fuzhou, Chongren, Yihuang County, adjacent to Yongfeng, the new County West of Ji'an City, Ningdu County, Ganzhou city of the south, north of Yichun City, Fengcheng City, Fuzhou, Yichun, fort is connected Ji'an, Ganzhou four city. The county town 160 kilometers from the provincial capital city of the Beijing Kowloon Railway, Nanchang eight station 50 kilometers, 880 kilometers of Shanghai City, Hangzhou City, Guangzhou City, 660 kilometers, 720 kilometers, Fuzhou 580 kilometers, 770 kilometers of Xiamen City, Wuhan City 602 kilometers, the basic formation of 7 hour economic circle. The upcoming construction of the Fu Ji encryption speed will pass through the hinterland County, and Jiangxi and Guangdong, Beijing Fuzhou highway two linked, greatly shorten the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Southeast Fujian Delta distance.
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