The County's History
Music has a long history, is the spring and autumn when the week is Chu, Wu, the early Warring States period is more, Qin is Jiujiang County, the Western Han Dynasty is a Yuzhang Nancheng County, in the Eastern Han Linru County, Wu during the three kingdoms are in Linchuan County, Eastern Jin Mudi Yong 3 years (347 years), Chi Lok County, is Linhai county. Sui is Chongren County, Tang was abandoned. Five generations after Tang Changxing the first year (930 years), due to risk management of glenohumeral stream Le'an County, renamed Yongan county. People hope of eternal peace. Northern Song Jing 4 years (1007), Song Zhenzong in the "cave mountain shielding Zhou Wei, and immortal curtilage", made "Yongan" to "Xianju changed". The Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing nineteen years (in 1149) to set up county, jurisdiction, lean, God, country and cloud cover, and a township and county. To build the county belongs to Fuzhou, Fuzhou road in Yuan Dynasty, Ming and Qing government is Fuzhou, China has an Yuzhang Road, seventh years after the founding of the administrative jurisdiction, the jurisdiction of Fuzhou area. The county government for the Ao Town, the county has a total of 855 years of history.
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