Le'an county is located in central Jiangxi Province, southwest of Fuzhou city. Chongren County, East and Yihuang County border, West and adjacent to Yongfeng County, dry county, South Ningdu County, north of Feng city. The county a total area of 2412.59 square kilometers. The total population of 365000 people, including 287000 in agriculture.

County jurisdiction 9 towns, 6 townships (of which 1 townships): Ao Xi Zhen, Gong Xi Zhen, Shan Dang Zhen, Gong Fangzhen, Dai Fang Zhen, Niu Tian Zhen, Wan Chong Zhen, Zeng Tian Zhen, Zhao Xi Zhen, Hu Xi Xiang, Luo Po Xiang, Hu Ping Xiang, Nan Cun Xiang, valley Jin Zhu Yu Xiang gang. A total of 15 communities, 175 administrative villages. The county government in the Ao Xi zhen.

National commodity wood and bamboo base county, province forestry, sericulture production key county. The main agricultural products are rice, tobacco, sericulture, mushrooms, bamboo, bamboo shoots, commodity vegetables, pigs and other. There are specialty mycophenolate tofu, bad fish, Agrocybe etc.. To le railway, Lin (Sichuan) eight (all), Feng (city) ning (are), music (ANN) yellow (PO) public via exit. Places of historic interest and scenic beauty with large mount, immortal bridge, Ishihashi Tera, Liu Keng buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties, such as the tomb of Dong Yu.

Peng YinGui, Party Secretary of Le'an County Committee of the CPC.
Wu Yiwen, Vice Party Secretary of Le'an County Committee of the CPC, County Magistrate of Le'an County Government, Secretary of Party Leadership Group.
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